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    Each tablet contains:
    Glimepiride…. 1.0mg
    Metformin HCl….. 500mg


    • Dilgem PLUS (Glimepiride/Metformin) is indicated for such type II diabetic patient (NIDDM, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), whose hyper glycaemia cannot be controlled by diet and exercise alone, as an adjunct to diet and exercise to lower the blood glucose in such patients.
    • Dilgem PLUS (Glimepiride/Metformin) may be used when diet, exercise, Glimepiride or Metformin alone do not result in adequate glycemic control.
    • Dilgem PLUS (Glimepiride/Metformin) is also indicated for use in combination with insulin to lower blood glucose level in patients whose hyperglycemia cannot be controlled by diet and exercise in combination with an oral hypoglycemic agent. Combination of Dilgem PLUS (Glimepiride/Metformin) and insulin may increase the potential for reduction in hyperglycemia. Diet and exercise should be emphasized as the primary form of treatment in initiating treatment for type II (NIDDM, non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Caloric restriction, weight loss and exercise are essential in the obese diabetic patients.


    Available in pack of 3 x 10’s tablets