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Quality Assurance

The production systems of SHAIGAN are comparable with any high ranked global competitor in the pharmaceutical industry. While being sensitive with the state of art practices in the production processes: we are very keen to maintain our hallmark of quality.

In this regard specially designed “HVAC” system is installed ,where filtered air is supplied with specified velocities and patterns.The standards of purified water .flooring and walls are maintained according to desired cGMP and WHO excellence levels: conducive for the production of quality health products. Furthermore manufacturing activities are strictly adhered to cGMP standards where the aim is to produce the top quality medicine by using the innovative technology and validated procedures. Different quality formulations which we are producing includes: oral solid dosage forms (tablets, capsules),Oral liquid dosage forms (syrups, suspensions and dry powder suspensions), topical preparations (creams, ointments, lotions and gels) and sterile preparations such as sterile liquid infusions, sterile liquid ampoules, sterile dry powders, sterile lyophilized powders as well as sterile ophthalmics.