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Other Departments

Other Departments

1. Finance Department

At our Finance department we have structured a team of competent personnel; qualified in all the relevant financial functions. The team comprises of Chartered Accountants, Financial Management Experts, Financial Analysts, Cost and Management Accountants etc. to look after every area of accounting and finance function in the company. For continuous improvement in the performance of our staff we arrange for in-house training as well as sponsor external trainings, workshops and seminars for their regular capacity building. In this regard we encourage our employees to obtain higher professional qualifications for their growth and personal development.


2. Audit Department

In order to ensure financial and operational quality of process and adherence of corporate control environment; different types of audits are conducted. The operational audits are mainly conducted by GMP Compliance Committee which has formulated an audit plan. On the other hand Shaigan has Internal Audit Department which provides objective assurance and consulting activity to add value and improve organization’s operations through disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of governance policies. Both departments submit their findings to CEO and prospective preventive actions are ensured. Following audits are systematically conducted inside Shaigan:

1. External Audits ISO 9001

2. Surveillance Audits every 9 Months

3. Quality Assurance Inspections on Daily Basis

4. Financial audits every year


3. HR

Our team of qualified HR professionals ensures to manage employees not merely as people but as an asset of Shaigan. We believe in keeping the “Shaigan family” intact by administering the vision of all employees as single working unit striving for a common goal of making Shaigan prosper through hard work and dedication. Our focus is on developing employees both personally and professionally in order to meet the strategic objectives and to maintain a positive employee oriented productive culture. Our best Human Resource practices and employee friendly policies are a leading factor of employee satisfaction and retention.