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Drug Safety

We are committed to patient safety and maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy of our products. Through robust monitoring systems and quality assurance, we produce safe healthcare products through our purpose built facility, robust quality systems, automated machinery and qualified personnel.




Pharmacovigilance (PV) is defined as the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. (WHO)
Its implementation is of great importance because it is one of the public health activities and a key tool to ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines. Therefore, it is an activity with shared responsibility and mandatory character, in which the National Health System, health professionals, institutions, the Pharmaceutical Industry, distributors, marketers, and patients participate.
In this way, our pharmacovigilance system plays a significant role in detecting, categorizing, evaluating and understanding the adverse events of our marketed products.


How can I submit a report to the Pharmacovigilance area of Shaigan?


It is vital for us that you submit your adverse event report within 24 hours. We have different means for you to do so and facilitate this process.

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