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    Each tablet contains:
    Bromocriptine(as mesylate)… 2.5mg


    Prolactin-dependent menstrual cycle disorders and female infertility:
    (i.e. hyperprolactinemic and apparently normoprolactinemic conditions).

    • Amenorrhea (with or without galactonhea), oligomenorrhea
    • Luteal phase deficiency
    • Drugs induced hyperprolactinemic disorders (e.g. induced by certain psychotropic or antihypertensive agents)
    Prolactin-independent female infertility:
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
    • Anovulatory cycles (supplementary to anti-oestrogens. e.g. clomiphene)
    Premenstrual symptoms:
    • Breast tenderness, bloating, mood disturbances.
    Hyperprolactinemia in men:
    • Prolactin-related hypogonadism (oligospermia, loss of libido, impotence)
    • Conservative treatment of prolactin-secreting pituitary micro-adenomas or macro-adenomas
    • Prior to surgery in order to reduce tumeur size and to facilitate removal
    • After surgery if prolactin level is still elevated
    • As an adjunct, or in special cases as an alternative to surgery or radiotherapy.
    Benign breast disease:
    • Mastalgia (isolated or in association with premenstrual syndrome or with benign nodular of cystic alterations)
    • Benign cystic and/or nodular conditions, in particular fibrocystic breast disease.


    Available in Pack of 30 tablets